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Email Address and Free Web E-Mail Account

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Get your own email address with our affordable web mail accounts.  Whether you need one or more
mailboxes, we've got you covered.  Powerful spam protection, pop3 and web-based
email accounts and easy to remember email addresses - without having to buy web hosting!

   FREE Spam Blocker and WebMail with every account!   (See details below)

If you have a domain name, put it to work right now: get a personalized Web/email account to go with it! With Run My Website Web/email, you can send and receive email from "you@yourdomain.com" and leave those hard-to-remember addresses behind. Fast, ultra-reliable and secure; POP3 configuration; and most important, protected by the powerful, new spam blocking technology. Just choose the account that's right for you!

Your own
custom account

  • 1 mailbox
  • 2MB storage
  • Includes Spam Xploder and Webmail FREE
    (a $14.95 value)
Only $9.95/year!

Perfect for
the professional user

  • 1 mailbox
  • 20MB storage
  • Includes Spam Xploder and Webmail FREE
    (a $14.95 value)
Only $19.95/year!

Great for small office
and family use

  • 3 mailboxes
  • 20MB storage each
  • Includes Spam Xploder and Webmail FREE
    (a $14.95 value)
Only $39.95/year!

Just what you need
for your organization

  • 5 mailboxes
  • 20MB storage each
  • Includes Spam Xploder and Webmail FREE
    (a $14.95 value)
Only $49.95/year!

FREE with every account!
Enjoy two unique, powerful advantages with every Web/Email account:

Add 5 more "@" options to your
email acount!

At just $1.07 per year, Run My Website offers the best deal anywhere on email forwarding!

1. NEW! Spam Xploder
Stay a step ahead of spammers! Our powerful new spam blocker is more than just a filter - it's a sophisticated new technological solution. This spam email blocking technology protects your inbox - and preserves your valuable time - by detecting and eliminating spam before you have to deal with it. It's so easy to use; you just set, forget, and let our powerful spam blocking technology do the rest.
2. WebMail
Now you can read, send, store and organize your email whenever you have Internet access! Run My Website WebMail includes an attractive, easy-to-use interface; its own powerful spam filters; an address book; and much more. Webmail is yours FREE when you buy a Web/email account.

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